Forthcoming in 2015:
Alfarmania LP [Tesco Organisation]
Alfarmania: Live at Röset C30 [Styggelse]
Alfarmania: At Ulleråker CD [Old Captain]
Kristian Olsson: Ligranorex CD [Freak Animal]
Kommando RJF C30 reissue [Chefsideologens bolag / Styggelse]
Kommando RJF: Sweet Slow Suicide CD [T.B.A.]
Shocktilt magazine #2
Noise Receptor #3 [zine]
Extensive interview with Alfarmania + artwork from Kristian Olsson
Troubadours of the Apocalypse [book]

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From Fix to Fix

Alfarmania - From Fix to Fix CD [Old Captain 2015]
"To satisfy our ever-present addiction to music raw, honest and in-yer-face Old Captain is privileged to release a remastered Alfarmania's debut highlight "From Fix to Fix" CD. Originally produced by Proiekt Hat's Hatband label as a limited and now sought-after cassette, Kristian Olsson's initiation delivers a fix of high-caliber post industrial art into modern knock-kneed digital limbo. Keep reality left behind and enter the narcosis before the overdose advent. The edition is 200 fixes in a 4-panel glossy Digipak with stunning artistic collages." Available for €15 + postage from


Four different designs. Photos will come later. Print on demand.

Massive amount of pro-printed Alfarmania stickers are now available for free with all orders.

Alfarmania & Proiekt Hat: Astral Slaktmask [C43 - Chefsideologens bolag - 2014]
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Kristian Olsson
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